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Roasting Machine

Accessible in semi automatic or automatic working mode, the offered array of Roaster Machine is used for roasting white flour, sesame, semolina, pulses and cereals. Developed from food grade steel, this machine is capable of roasting and cooling at the same time. It consists of separate chaff collector, digital control panel, heat indicating system and cooling tray. The chaff extractor or collector of this machine keeps surrounding environment pollution free. The advanced equalizer of this Industrial Roaster maintains necessary air volume inside the machine. The air volume and internal temperature of this roaster can be modified as per application needs. This roaster is offered in different heating temperature range, design and roasting capacity based specifications. Consistent operation and long working life are its key factors.

  • Offered roasting system is preferred for its low operating cost.
  • High production rate and minimal consumption of energy are its main characteristics.
  • Food grade metal made contact parts.
  • Easy to control.

Coriander Roaster Machine

Developed from food grade stainless steel or mild steel, offered Coriander Roaster is well known for its energy efficient mechanism. This machine uses oil immersed electrical heater to produce heat. Temperature of this system can be adjusted at maximum 250 degree C. Available in custom made specifications, this machine is appreciated for its low power consumption rate and high automation degree. Its single phase based version consumes 240 v voltage and three phase based variant requires 440 v voltage to operate.




  •  Usage/Application:Industrial
  • Capacity:75 - 5000 ltrs
  • Automation Grade:Automatic
  • Heating Temperature:250 degree celsius
  • Design:Customized
  • Voltage:240 V/ 1 ph,440 V/ 3 ph
  • Automatic Grade:Semi-Automatic


Spice Roasting Machine

This PLC controlled Spice Roasting Machine is well known for hygienic operating method. Accessible in custom made specifications, this machine has standard production capacity. Based on production requirement, we offer this system in single phase and three phase design choices. All the contact parts of this roaster system are made of food grade stainless steel to avoid contamination of roasted spices. Offered Spice Roaster is known for its high operating speed, ergonomic look and user friendly design. We offer this system at reasonable price. 



  •  Capacity:200 -5000 ltrs
  • Usage/Application:Industrial
  • Temperature:Up to 250 degree celsius
  • Design:Customized
  • Voltage:240 V/ 1 ph,440 V/ 3 ph



Nut Roasting Machine

Benefits of Roasting Machine :
  • Rendered with enhanced roasting quality with auto temperature setting. Offered with homogenous blending with no carbonization of material.
  • Provided with enhanced hygienic condition as well as hand sullying, abstains from cleaning of Material, all contact parts made of Stainless Steel.
  • Reduction in labor expenditure.
Extra Benefits For LPG Roasting Machine:
  • Can be operated at higher temperatures contrast with electrical Roasting Machine.
  • Warming begins promptly to pre warm the machine, contrast with electrical Roasters.
  • Diminishment underway cost up to 25% contrast with electrical Roasters as cooking is accomplished in less time.
What you can do separated from Mixing/Roasting Machine with exceptional connections:
  • Can be intended to cool the cooked units via cooling water flowing coat alongside the cooling structure.
  • Employed for inline item structures (Upma, Idli, Dhokla, Gulabjamun pre-blend), cold powders and so forth.
  • Inclusion of less measure of powder, colors and concentrate.
  • Included with little measure of liquids as well as essences.
Supplied best quality Roasting Machines are provided with long life-cycle because of their manufacture with fantastic materials. Made in similarity with current connected science, these offer expanded functionality in all applications. Offered with a procedure of broiling that is dry warmth cooking and is frequently connected with arranged procedures. These are not simply made to meet the basics of present day fennel simmering, but on the other hand are accessible with long life cycle and sterile procedures. These are important to supplant the out of date gas and electrical establishments totally to meet the cutting edge prerequisites. These best quality Roasting Machines are pertinent to various situations and are impervious to temperature changes. These are not simply made to meet the necessities of present day fennel cooking, yet will likewise have a restored long life arrangement.

Semolina Roasting Machine

Pulses Roasting Machine

The pulses are roasted in the industrial setting to reduce the moisture content in the grains. This is done in order to increase the shelf life of grains. The machine roasts all grains consistently given the automatic temperature control and homogeneous blending, while maintaining utmost hygiene. The stainless steel material is used in the production of all contact parts of pulses roasting machine. Single operator is required to run this roasting machine. The semi-automatic machine can achieve maximum heating temperature of up to 250 degree Celsius.

Soybean Roasting Machine

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of excellent quality Ribbon Blender Roasting Machine. It is highly demanded in chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries for blending various types of products in granule, powder and paste form. This blender is manufactured with utmost precision using optimum grade components with the help of cutting-edge technology. We offer this Ribbon Blender Roasting Machine in different capacities at affordable rates.


Spice Roaster Machine

Spice Roaster is a multi-purpose machine used for different process applications like roasting, reducing moisture contents, increasing products selflife, etc. It is fine for various types of Seeds, Pulses, Granules, Powders, Flours, and Gravy type products, etc. By keeping the machine heating system off, spice roasting machine is utilized for blending and mixing various components. Also by adding a dedicated spraying system, the machine can be utilized for adding small quantity of Concentrates, Powders for adding colours, and Liquids for adding essences, proteins, flavours, etc. 

Features & Benefits of Spice Roaster Machine:

  • Consistent Performance & Quality
  • Auto-Temperature Setting
  • Good Hygienic Condition
  • Uniform Mixing
  • Enhanced Production
  • Reduction In Labour Cost, Low Power Requirement
  • GMP Model: Absolute Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Standard Model: Mild Steel Non contact parts & Stainless Steel contact parts.
  • Size Range: 100 Ltrs. to 5000 Ltrs.
  • Machines with higher capacity available as per customer demands.

Spice Roasting Machine Technical Details:

  • Capacity:80 - 2000 Kg
  • Design:Customized
  • Body Material:MS, SS
  • Machine Type:Semi-Automatic
  • Power Consumption:240 V/ 1 ph, 440 V/ 3 ph

Maida Roasting Machine

Maida Roasting Machine

  • The advanced technology Maida Roasting Machine, offered by us, is designed for roasting. The machine is also designed for reduction of different Moisture contents, boosting self-life of products like Powders, Pulses, Semi paste, Flours, Seeds, Granules, & Gravy type products for preparing premixes, snacks foods as well as FMCG.
  • This machine attains the indirect heating by Electrically operated oil immersed heaters and special purpose heating oil. The maximum temperature can be achieved up to 250 Deg. C with digital temperature controller.
  • When it comes to higher batch capacity machine, the heating can be done using Thermic fluid heaters, low grade coal or fuels like Bagasse, agricultural / Bio waste Paddy husk, Fire wood, and so on.

The major Advantages of our Maida Roaster machine:

  • The Consistency in Quality is attained easily through Constant temperature and time.
  • Auto Temperature setting, No carbonization of Material as well as Homogenous mixing, that ensures consistent quality
  • Maintains Hygienic conditions through no hand contamination and dusting
  • Less Labor cost and high Productivity.


  • Roasting
  • Adding small amount of Powders including Colors, Concentrates etc.
  • Adding minimum amount of Liquids, Essences and so on through Spraying System and oil seasoning.
  • The machines are designed exactly as per the needs of the clients. From Full Stainless Steel body (GMP MODEL), to Stainless Steel contact part to mild Steel Non contact parts with Enamel / Epoxy paints (STANDARD MODEL) are available with us.

In addition, they are also designed from 50 Ltrs. To 5000 Ltrs. sizes. The higher capacity machines are designed keeping mind the requirements of the clients.

Product Details:

  • Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
  • Capacity:10 - 2000 Kg
  • Design:Customized
  • Heating Temperature:250 degree celsius
  • MOC:MS. SS
  • Machine Type:Semi-Automatic
  • Voltage:440 V, 3 ph; 240 V, 1 ph


Sooji Roaster

Sooji, also called semolina, is an ingredient used for making Indian breakfast and meals, such as upma, idli, dosa and khichdi, along with Indian sweets, like sooji ka halwa. The sooji is roasted before packaging to improve its shelf life. The cooking becomes fast when sooji is pre-roasted. Also, the roasted sooji does not attract bugs and worms. The sooji is roasted in large capacity in a sooji roaster before packing it in air-tight pouches. Customers can contact us to know more about this sooji roasting machine, such as capacity, voltage and heating temperature. 

Grain Roaster Machine

Gaining success in the market, we manufacture and supply a wide range of Grains Roaster Machine. The offered range of machine is used for roasting further, increasing the shelf life of the grains by removing its moisture content. Besides, this roaster machine is easy to install and improve the efficiency of the process. Widely demanded in food processing industry, the machine is manufactured by our team of professionals in compliance with set industry standards. Prior to dispatch this Grains Roaster Machine is thoroughly checked on various parameters.


  • Excellent performance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long working life
Further Details:
  • Offering an array of industrial roasters and pellet manufacturing line, spic, besan, nut-processing line and extruded snacks line, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial roaster machines.
  • The cooling blending machine is devised in a U shaped sturdy body with a top cover, bottom discharge valve, longitudinal central shaft and centrally mounted spiral ribbons. These have separate cooling system. This special design offers best blending results owing to its three-dimensional action. Outer ribbons push the material towards centre and inner ribbons push the material towards end. On the same time, both the ribbons inhibit circulatory motion to the material therefore resulting in even blending of the particles in the cooling zone.
  • The cooling blending machine is available with option for specific customization as per customer requirements. For example, Full Stainless Steel construction or Stainless Steel fabricated contact parts in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel with Enamel/Epoxy paint in Non-contact parts.
  • Improves the consistent quality Homogenous cooling of the product.
  • Improves Hygienic condition Minimum hand contamination, avoids dusting of Material, all contact parts made of Stainless Steel, no need to go for natural cooling of the product.
  • Reduction in Labor cost.
  • Increases Production.
What you can do apart from cooling with special attachments:
  • Add small amount of Powders Colors, Concentrates etc.
  • Add small amount of Liquids Essences etc. with Spraying System.

Product Details:

  • Machine Type:Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity:10 - 2000 Kg
  • Body Material:Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Design:Customized
  • Heating Temperature:80 -250 degree celsius
  • Voltage:240 V/ 1 ph, 440 V/ 3 ph

Cereals Roasting Machine

Cereals Roasting Machine

The Cereals Roasting Machine, designed by us, is known in the market as a Multipurpose machine ultimate for roasting and reduction of varied types of Moisture contents. The machine is used for increasing the self - life of products such as Seeds, Granules, Pulses, Powders, Flours, Semi paste, as well as Gravy type products for Baby foods, Fortified Nutritious foods, etc.

Normally in Cereals Roasting Machine, the indirect heating is attained employing Electrically operated oil immersed heater with special purpose heating oil. The heating temperature can be controlled using digital temperature controller. The temperature can be reached up to 250 Deg. C.

In case of higher batch capacity machine, the heating can be attained using Thermic fluid heaters, low grade coal or any other fuel such as agricultural Bio waste, Paddy husk, Fire wood, Bagasse, and so on.

The Prime Advantages of our Cereal Roaster machine:

  • The Constant temperature and Time gives quality Consistency.
  • Boost the consistent quality with auto Temperature option, Homogenous mixing, minimum gap between ribbons and  shell that ensures No carbonization.
  • Enhances hygienic conditions with minimum hand contamination, no dusting of Material, and stainless steel designed contact parts.
  • Low Labour cost.
  • High Production.

In addition to roasting, the Machine is also used for:

  • Adding small quantity of Powders such as Colors, Concentrates and so on.
  • Adding low amount of Liquids, Essences etc. through Spraying System as well as oil seasoning of varied products.
  • This machine is available with different options such as Full Stainless Steel body , Stainless Steel contact parts and Mild Steel with Enamel and  Epoxy paint Non contact parts .
  • The machine is also designed in varied sizes up to 5000 Ltrs. along with higher capacity machines.


Product Details:

  • Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
  • Capacity:10 - 2000 kg
  • MOC:MS
  • Machine Type:Semi-Automatic
  • Temperature:250 degree celsius
  • Voltage:240 V/ 1 ph, 440 V/ 3 ph

Industrial Roaster

Industrial Roaster We are pleased to introduce you, this versatile machine designed for Mixing, blending and Roasting any type of dry powders  granules. The machine is most suitable for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Foods Processing, SpicesIndustries. For more information please refer to the enclosed chart for more details,

Material used for Construction- The industrial roaster machines are offered with option of customization as requested by the buyers. Owing to this option, the machines can be made in full stainless steel or contact parts fabricated in Stainless steel and non-contact parts fabricated in mild steel with enamel or epoxy paints.

Construction- The industrial roaster oven is made in a U-shape with sturdy body and a top cover. The bottom discharge valve is located centrally and the longitudinal shaft is mounted centrally too with spiral ribbons mounted too. Spiral ribbons are designed specifically to offer best blending results. Owing to the three dimensional action of the machine, the by product is evenly blended and all particles come equally in contact with the other material.


  • Homogenous mixing of the material with even consistency due to minimum gap between shell and ribbons.
  • Improved hygienic condition of material with low hand contamination and end to dusting of material as all contact parts are made from Stainless Steel.
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Increased production

Purpose -This machine is designed specifically for blending or roasting any type of dry granular type powder.

Capacity: The Machine is available in Capacities ranging from 25 to 4000 Ltrs.

The machine can be used for preparation of Snacks foods such as IDLE / UPMA / GULABJAMUN Premix including heating of oil, and deep frying of components such as Mustered, Ground nuts, Mirchi, Kadipatta in oil. In these products the moisture evaporation is more and drip age of condensed water in product is not acceptable.
Roasting various types of products like Onion, Coriander, Coconut, Spices, for removing moisture and increasing shell life of Powder, Chemicals.

Additional Facilities:

  • Heating System: The heating is achieved either by Electrically operated oil immersed heaters, with thermic fluid oil as medium, or with LPG gas heating arrangement. The heating temperature is controlled through digital temperature controller.
  • Add small amount of Powders Colours, Concentrates etc.
  • Add small amount of Liquids Essences etc. with Spraying System.
  • Break lumps and agglomerates formed during Mixing, while adding Liquids by Lump cutter system.
  • Reciprocating Timer with hooter system

Some of the Application Industries


  • Abrasives:Agrochemicals:Animal feed:Cereals
  • Coatings:Chemicals:Detergents:
  • Fertilizers:Fire Exting. - Powders:Fish foods:Flours
  • Fungicide treatments:Gulab jamun pre mix:Metal powders:Milk powders
  • Pet foods:Pesticides:Pickles:Pharmaceuticals
  • Polymer chips:Powders:Salts:Snacks
  • Spices:Soya beans:Soups Premix:Starch
  • Sugar:Thermosetting Powders:Talcum Powders:Vitamins

 Achievements: Till now we had more than 250 installations and serving various Industries all over INDIA and also Exported our machines to various Countries in Asia and Gulf. We had recently supplied and  commissioned the FOUR Nos. complete blending system from raw material conveying to Pre packing stage for prickly heat Powder for M/s. Manisha Pharmoplast P.L. at their plants in Gujrat and  Haridwar, having batch size of 3900 Ltrs. 1500 KGS., 2 Nos. 1200 Ltrs. capacity Roaster in complete Stainless Steel construction to Ms. MTR FOODS, Banglore and exported the 1000 Kg. batch capacity Roaster Machine to Huston USA. We herewith also like to inform you that our Blender machine is approved by M/s. American Soyabean Association ASA, Asia sub Continent, Delhi regional office for Soya bean processing.