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Blending Machine

Fans Bro Erectors is providing a wide collection of supreme quality Blending machine which is ideal for blending, mixing as well as fast cooling of granules and dry powders in chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical industry etc. In addition to this, the said machine provides optimum quality performance, easy installation, less power consumption and so on. Furthermore, Blending machine is known for its seamless finishing, high strength, high durability, smooth functioning, robust construction as well as cost effectiveness and dimensional accuracy.

Ribbon Blender Powder Mixer

In order to create spice mixtures, chemical blends, pharma products, insecticides, tile mixture, animal feed, pesticides, cosmetic products, and food products, one machine that is needed is ribbon blender powder mixer. This blending and mixing machine known for creating homogeneous blends. The innovative software used in the mixer make it perfect for quick and consistent blending applications. The stainless steel constructed blending machine with a control panel has a product discharge valve and a bin to collect the blended mixture.  

Ribbon Blender Powder Mixer Specifications:

  • Design Type : Customized
  • Automation Grade : Automatic
  • Orientation : Horizontal
  • MOC : SS
  • Voltage : 240 V

Conical Blender

Our esteemed clients can avail from us premium quality Conical Blender. In order to manufacture this blender, our team of experienced professionals makes use of excellent grade components in adherence with the defined industry standards. It is used for blending dry and semi liquid type powders in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food processing industries. Our quality analysts monitor this blender on the different stages of manufacturing. This Conical Screw Blender is made available for our clients in different specifications and capacities at reasonable prices.


  • Durable finish standards
  • Excellent functionality
  • Longer service life
  • Easy to clean


The blender is Vertical Conical in shape with bottom discharge. The blender consists of shell, Anchors, blades, flat bolted type top cover with drive unit, & bottom side discharge valve. The shaft assembly will be supported with bearing housing arrangement & drive system.


  • Heating / Cooling Jacket:
  • The conical blender can be provided with heating / cooling jacket or limpet coli for heating / cooling system.


  • The vertical blender is available in sizes ranging from 500 Ltrs. to 10,000 Ltrs.
  • Photo for Conical Blender

Further Details of Conical Blender Machine:

We take immense pride to introduce this multipurpose machine which is required for mixing different types of powdery, granular, seeds and paste items. The application of this equipment can be noticed in chemical industry, pharmaceutical products manufacturing unit, fertilizer production unit and food processing arena. The Blending Machine has a key role in blending products like  Abrasives, Chemical powders, Animal feed, Agrochemicals, Detergents, Coatings, Animal feed, Cereals,  Fertilizers,  Fungicide treatments, Gulab jamun pre mix, Fire Exting. -  Powders, Metal powders, Pet foods, Pesticides, Polymer chips, Salts,  Fish foods, Sugar,, Milk powders,  Flours,  Pickles, Snacks, Soya beans, Soups Premix, Vitamins, Starch, Pharmaceuticals, Spices products, Thermosetting Powders, Powders, Talcum Powders and so on. Notable for its U shaped structure, this specific machine consists of top cover, discharge valve located on its bottom part, spiral ribbons mounted on its central longitudinal shaft. Due to their three dimensional mechanism, these specially developed spiral ribbons are effective in proper blending work. Available in customized  specifications, this blending equipment is equipped with stainless steel structure ( GMP model), or with stainless steel made  contact parts and enamel or epoxy coated mild steel fabricated non contact parts.

Advantage and  benefits of our blending machine

  • Helps in uniform mixing. The low gap between its ribbons and shell is advantageous in preventing lump formation.
  • The stainless steel made contact parts are effective in blending various materials without causing contamination.
  • Low operating  cost
  • High output rate

Besides blending, this machine can also be utilized for

  • Mixing powdery materials like concentrates and colors.
  • To put in liquids like essences
  • To prevent lump formation by mixing liquid during blending
  • To decrease the heat of roasted items by using cooling water circulating jacket and cooling tower.
  • This mechanism is effective for processed food items like dhokla, gulabjamun pre-mix, idli, upma and spices like chilly powder etc.

Further Details:

The conical blender, which we are offering is a central heating blender with optimum blending productivity. It is mild and confirms the top level of blending precision without product damage. The screw possesses a normal pace of 70 RPM during the arm pivots at 1 to 2 RPM. Further, the tip momentum of the screw may vary from .05 and 2m/s, devising it appropriate for every ATEX areas.

Turning cantilevered (independent suspending) blending screw carries the product from base of the container to the product surface. The blending screw is hanged from an circular wing that pivots the blending screw with the conical internal container wall inducing convective blending of shear and particles.

The momentum of atoms in the descending mass-circulation when circulating by sobriety in a conical container enhances as the container diameter lessens. As a consequence of these synchronous activities is a quick and thorough blending with minimum use of energy along with maximum standards of blending precision.

Convective Blending Effect:

  • The effect is generated by the below 3 constituents:
  • Axial blending by the screw
  • Radial blending by form of the cone
  • Tangential blending by the arm

Wide Assortment Of Activities:

  • Our blenders are ideal for broad ambit of treatment activities in food, metals, chemical, coating, pharmaceuticals, plastics, minerals, nuclear and pigments sectors. These comprise:
  • Mild blending of free-circulating and different pastes, liquids, powders and slurries
  • Dampening of powders
  • Granulation
  • Coating
  • Parching by the medium of heat input at aerial conditions or in amalgamation with feasible liquid and vacuum recovery
  • Layering of solids with fluids (with intensifier)
Prime Characteristics:
  • Tender blending with least energy input or item damage
  • Consummate blending quality and precision
  • Steady blending quality in charges ranging from 10 to 100%
  • Cooling, blending, heating, drying and dampening
  • Live container for segregative or sticky products
  • Agitated container to transfer dryers such as liquid beds without or with back blending
  • Quick and full release with base release valve
  • Accessible from 2.5 liters to 1,00,000 liters

Cooling Blender

Backed by our immense domain experience, we are betrothed in presenting an excellent quality range of Cooling Blender. It is used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries for blending, mixing and fast cooling of different dry powders and granules. The offered blender is precisely manufactured in our advanced manufacturing unit by our experts using fine grade components and latest techniques. This Cooling Blender is offered in different technical specifications as per the demands of our clients at an industry leading price range.


  • Rugged design
  • High operational fluency
  • Unmatched performance
  • Low power consumption


Further Details:

Material Used for Construction - Blender machines can be constructed as per customeFr requirements with customized options of having Complete Stainless steel or contact parts in Stainless Steel and non-contact parts in Mild Steel with Epoxy or Enamel paint.

Construction - The Cooling Blender is constructed in U-shape strong boy with top cover and bottom discharge valve located centrally with centrally mounted longitudinal shaft where Spiral ribbons are scaled. Specifically designed spiral ribbons blend superbly owing to their three-dimensional action and offer best blending result. Owing to the brilliant three-dimensional action design, every particle comes in contact with the blending material equally.

Capacity- The cooler bending machines are available in capacities ranging from 25 ltrs to 4000 ltrs.


  • Mentioned below are some advantages the machine has to offer:
  • Enhances and improves online production of blended products as the by-product gets cooled really fast and exhibits consistency. Therefore, the result can be packed with immediate effect.
  • Minimizes hand contamination, improves hygienic condition by avoiding dusting of material.
  • Contact parts made of stainless steel.
  • Labour cost reduced
  • Increased Production.

Provided cooling blender comes with modern technology reinforcement so as to offer for handling mixed drinks. Available with integrated pulverizer reinforcement, the system may operate chilled juice on one charge. Few of its properties comprise accurate structural finish obtainable in both customized and standard OEM specifications; quality inspected part reinforcement so as to offer for reliable and consistent execution.

The cooling blender rig is intended to cool the baked products by chilling water flow jacket with the chilling tower. These are most suitable for inline manufacturing system, utilized in the production of premix. Further, our machine is acquirable in capacities varying from 0.2 cubic meter to 5 cubic meter or above in accordance with the demands of the customers. Our cooling blender can be manufactured in entire untainted steel or other contact components in untainted steel construction.

These are utilized to chill the hot or baked products ranging from 90 -120o C to 45-40o C. Enhancing knowledge to restore the sanitary conditions of hot products. Through hand free working has helped us to improve the blender machine with chilling systems to cool down the hot or baked products.


  • Lessens the wastage of the item amid handling
  • Lessens time involved as get chilled early dry to inherent chilling
  • Uses minimum area because it does not require large area
  • Chilled products may be directly conveyed to packaging department for packing

Product Details:


  • Automatic Grade:Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity:200 ltrs
  • Design Type:Customized
  • MOC:SS
  • Temperature:90-120 degree celsius
  • Voltage:240, 440 V



Ribbon Blender Machine

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of excellent quality Ribbon Blender Machine. It is highly demanded in chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries for blending various types of products in granule, powder and paste form. This blender is manufactured with utmost precision using optimum grade components with the help of cutting-edge technology. We offer this Ribbon Blending Machine in different capacities at affordable rates.


  • Sturdy construction
  • High performance
  • Rugged design
  • Rust resistance

What do you do: Write or Fax us for more details giving your application. Further you can visit our works for conducting trials on our demo Mixer with your material to verify the performance of our Machine product development.

Operation :

  • The RIBBON BLENDER is a proficient and flexible mixing machine for blending of powders and dry granules consistently. Around two third of mass of the vessel of our product is packed to guarantee complete blending. It provides suitable result for blending of dry granules and powder of the outline and form of the combining strip and item container. Further, our ribbon blender can be utilized for food, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical, chemical and so on.
  • Material must to be charge against the head part. There are port need to be given on the head layer to charge the item and in addition for aerial vent-hole. One release valve integrated at the base side at core of the vessel. The release length could be modify according to the prerequisite, so that item gets release in the another vessel specifically as well as so material dealing with time for release is zero and the working is dirt free.

Ribbon Blender :

  • In our product the powder progresses from the core to the stop point of the vessel and corner of the vessel to the core of the vessel. Therefore, the demand of complete blending time is highly low and the RPM needed are additionally low.
  • The dry item gets adequate persistent development because of the form and motion of ribbon and form of the vessel, which progresses item for best standard of mixing.
  • In addition, the unit is comprise of one worm minimization equipment, couple drive among ribbon gear to blending stirrer, one electrical engine and belt drive among gear and motor. Vessel possessing four pieces of legs with release valve and head cover. Together end of blending shaft is fixed with PTFE and bush gland housing and protection guards are given on ever single moving components.

Unique Characteristics of the Ribbon Blending Machine:

  • The form of vessel and blending stirrer provides adequate ceaseless development to the granules and powder, result in great quality.
  • Every contact components of the Ribbon Blender are manufactured from SS316 L,S304,SS316 standard material.
  • Coat Heating,Cooling provision offered as an alternative
  • Greatest care is taken to guarantee safe working of the unit
  • Crawling provision for stirrer for release of material
  • Complete cover on head of the vessel
  • Release stature must be balanced, if affirm with request.
  • Working board accommodated safe operation of Ribbon Blender
  • Midway found material release valve 
  • Dirt resistant head cover with window offered
  • Normal body intactly manufactured from gentle steel and colored in quality model and the similar is claded by SS304 in GMP version
  • Protection guards and covers made out of SS304 in GMP Model and made out of mild steel in Standard Model
  • Legs are manufactured from M.S and painted in Standard Model  and  same will be claded with SS304 in GMP Model 
  • Board gave with after provision in 500 Liters and greater model. In compact model- just D.O.L. starter is offered for Off-On working of the engine
  • Three stage sign facility
  • D.O.L. beginner for off-on working of engine
  • Exigency stop offered in the panel
  • Computerized clock for bunch time configuration
  • Constrain switch offered at head cover for security purpose
  • Crawling push switch with selector switch for creeping working amid release of material


  • Enables betterment in its consistent quality, auto temperature setting is rendered with uniform mixing, zero carbonization of physicals as minimum space between shell and threads.
  • Provided with reinforced hygienic condition with reduced hand contamination. Obviates dusting of material, fabricated with Stainless Steel contact parts.
  • Enable reduction in labor expenditure with boosted production.

Additional Advantages :

  • Can be functioned at higher temperature up to 4000 C in comparison to electrical roasters - 225 deg. C.
  • The heating starts instantly no need to pre heat the machine, if compared to electrical roasters.
  • Insures the reduction in production expenditure up to 25 parcent
  • Increased production with increased roasting capacities

What is possible apart from Mixing , Roasting with specific attachments:

  • The machines can be configured in such a mode so that cooling the roasted products becomes easy through cooling water current jacket along with the cooling tower.
  • Specially beneficial for inline product systems, for example ready to cook items Upma, Dhokla, Gulabjamun pre-mix, Idli, chilly powders etc.
  • Addition of small quantity of Fluids - Essences etc along with the Spraying Instrumentality.
  • Addition of small amount of Powders - Colors as well as Concentrates
  • Agglomerates and lumps can be broken during the formation, mixing and adding Liquids via Lump cutter system.


Ribbon Blending Machine Specification:


  • Air filter:Air vent on top cover,cyl body
  • Baffling:Flats between flights
  • Charging:On cylindrical body, on top central,side
  • Chopper, Lump breaker:Not possible
  • Discharge:On cylindrical Body, on top central/ side
  • Drive and Position:Motor coupled to worm/heli-worm reduction, then spur girth gear set/chain sprocket set
  • Drive lifting:Not needed
  • Drying time For 20 parcentage Vapour content:Not used for drying, but for heating/cooling
  • Homogenizer:Not possible
  • HP rating:60-65 parcentage efficiency
  • Jacketing:Possible
  • Liquid Spraying:Possible by providing a spray bar inserted through side
  • Manhole:On top cover or body
  • Mixing method:Conveying through ribbon flights horizontally
  • Mixing time:25-30 minutes
  • Particulars:Ribbon Blender
  • Precision of Mixing:Two dimensional, reasonable
  • Rotary Part for Mixing:Central Horizontal Ribbon
  • RPM range:40-60
  • Safety factor:Rotor is totally enclosed, no lifting of drive, hence safe.
  • Space occupancy:Occupies a lot of horizontal space
  • Suitable for mixing:Free flowing solid-solid
  • Suitable for Product:Dry powder, heating of cake
  • Vac. M.seal
  • Vacuum:Possible
  • Vessel:Horizontal Cylindrical.U trough Stationery
  • Vessel support:Saddles